NBA 2k13 Manual (extended) for XBOX 360, PS3, PC, PS2, WII, WII U and PSP

Once again here we are bring you the latest manual from 2ksports.  Below you will find the extended manual for NBA 2k13. With he controls changing heavily in this installment of NBA 2k, the manual will serve you greatly.  Some of the newest changes in NBA 2k13 are covered in great depth for this manual.  See below for the NBA 2k13 manual:

NBA 2k13 Extended Manual for Xbox 360

NBA 2k13 Extended Manual for PS3

NBA 2k13 Extended Manual for PC

NBA 2k13 Extended Manual for WII

NBA 2k13 Extended Manual for WII U

NBA 2k13 Extended Manual for PSP

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  1. That’s the same manual as it is in the game box. Absolutely useless for newcomers! I bought it for the first time and it’s not very easy to get into.

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    • Let us know what you are struggling with and we can get one of our writers to help you by posting a “how to” article.

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      • It’s not one special thing. The game has so many options, which is great. But I just want to know what’s behind the specific game modes and settings (for example “The Association” and the different options in “My Career”).

        And is it possible to add a custom player to a roster of a team? I want to play a normal 82-season+play-offs and just want to add a player to a NBA team.

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  2. How do I make trades in the season mode ?

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  3. having trouble throwing an ally oop?

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    • Hold square and X at the same time. It should throw it up to the closet guy running to the basket. But u have to time it right.

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  4. i bought the game. but there is no all star players in the nba blacktop

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  5. In career mode; after the game when trying to exit games freezes

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  6. I uploaded my playlist to the mycareer mode, but in the game it.still doesnt play any.of the music i chose. Help. I love the game but cant stand the tracks.

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