MLB 2k12 Roster Updates

As each roster update is released we will post the release date and some of the changes made during the update.  Stay tuned and happy hitting!

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Author: FireMan

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  1. my forget my mlb2k12 ‘s acount and passwords number,
    I’ve been log in on net,could you sent my acount and
    password by email ?

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  2. Rosters updates are not going so well. Is it really that hard to get the players name and position correct when doing an update? I am not sure how often you do them but I thought with MLB 2K11 it was like every Monday. I play with the Chicago Cubs. Not only do you not create the players they have brought up from the Minors (C-Blake Lalli, P-Blake Parker, you also created a LF named Alex Craig that doesn’t even exist. They brought up a middle infield (primarily 2nd base prospect) named Adrian Cardenas like two weeks ago and you still haven’t updated this. Cardenas can play some OF as well but is mainly a 2b prospect. If this Alex Craig is supposed to be him, then you could have at least made his name right and his defensive abilities at 2B within normal(ish) range of a second baseman. Also, I have tried to find a place that states when you do your roster updates and can find nothing. If it is going to be this horrible, I’ll switch to The Show and recommend everyone else to, as well.

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  3. I must agree with the previous comment, in that updates haven’t been made entirely accurate, if at all. I’m an Indians fan and Grady Sizemore has been on the 60 day DL and is for some reason starting in CF. then Travis Hafner at first with the Indians actual first baseman (Casey Kotchman) on their AAA club. These are just a few issues. Idk. Please try and work them out.

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  4. Can you also please remove SS Mike Podell from the cubs AAA roster..Who is this guy?

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  5. update online rosters for trade dead line !!! Needs to be updated

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  6. This game sucks for updating rosters online. I hope MLB The Show ports to PC next year.

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  7. I have an Xbox 360 and I love 2k games!

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