NBA 2k12 Manual (extended) for XBOX 360, PS3, PC, PS2, WII and PSP

As it has been in the past NBA 2k never ships with the complete manual.  It always give us the basics to get start but not the advanced iso motion and all that goes along with it.  In an effort to give you the early jump I have provided the links to the extended manuals.

NBA 2k12 Extended Manual for Xbox 360

NBA 2k12 Extended Manual for PS3

NBA 2k12 Extended Manual for PC

NBA 2k12 Extended Manual for Playstation 2

NBA 2k12 Extended Manual for WII

NBA 2k12 Extended Manual for PSP

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Author: Ballin Outta Control

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  1. First off, no Barkley or Reggie!!?? Second, there’s a scrolling glitch which happens about 4-6 times a game… I’m an original NBA2k owner from Dreamcast… I’ll never leave… Keep up the stellar game development! 2k rox!

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  2. First off this game cheats like hell! If you play on anything but Pro you can’t win you just pass it straight to the defense!! Second it sucks balls and I hate it and it’s stupid as hell!! Thank you

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    • You need too change up play style if your losing quit just trying to play with Lebron and trying too slam every time huh?

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  3. Let me just start off sayin… This game is the best real basketball game out hands down, it improves every year, but I have one fault.. not really a fault just a question. I owned the original copy of 2k12 and I was player my player mode, I broke that copy and went to get the special edition of 2k that has everything unlocked. For some reason it won’t let me load my player mode on this version but its the same game its just the special edition, I still have my saved data for my player but when I try to load it up, it says there’s no existing data… Anyone else have this problem?

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  4. Its ok. i guess, but whenever you pass the ball it passes it across the court when there is a guy standing right next to you. but other than that it is pretty cool.

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