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Using the Shot Stick in NBA 2k10

Using the Shot Stick in NBA 2k10

Now that we have covered a little of the defense lets get on to the fun stuff. Offense begins and ends with he shot stick. While you can definitely play using the normal jumper button (x or square depending on the system) it is very limited in what you can do.  Learning to use the shot stick is a must. You gain an entirely new control of the player. You can bank shots, choose to shoot floaters, choose which hand to lay up with and so much more. you learn how to use the shot stick and you become a formidable foe.  This video highlights the man things that the shot stick opens your game up to if you spend a little time practicing with it.  The post play has been revamped and now make the shots stick almost mandatory for you to feel the control available to you.  Your choice in layups and ability to choose and control the direction of your alter shot has also been update.

Who better than the 2ksports team to explain the basics of using the shot stick.

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